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This is a list of items that are not functional with a vanilla distribution, and their current status.

Absolutely necessary

Battery / Charger status
Requires 'smart battery' reading using the SM bus.
FC2 Status: Works (kernel patch + custom module).
FC5 Status: Works (kernel patch or recent kernel).
FC6 Status: Works.
FC8 Status: Works.


Controlling external video
Necessary, since I use the notebook for presentations and training.
This is one of the areas where having a non-standard display geometry (1280x800) is not fun. When I connect an external video to the notebook, it is always in 800x600 mode, and I have to restart X to get it at either 1280x1024 (with clipping on the notebook), or 1024x768 (with stretched display on the notebook).
FC2 Status: Needs improving.
FC5 Status: Works with ATI driver.
FC6 Status: Not tried yet.

Suspend / Resume
Two techniques: via S3 sleep and software (swap) suspend.
Attempts to use S3 result in freeze during resume.
SwSuspend on FC2 is sometimes succesful, but not reliable.
SwSuspend on FC5 seems to work reliably.
SwSuspend2 on FC5 seems to work reliably.
FC2 Status: TODO.
FC5 Status: Okay.
FC6 Status: Okay.

Nice to have

Close / Open panel suspend/resume
The ACPI LID event can be acted upon, so suspend should be possible.
No idea about resume.
FC2 Status: TODO.
FC5 Status: hibernate on LID close works.
FC6 Status: hibernate on LID close works.


Led indicators for WiFi, Bluetooth, Mail
There was an old hack for older TravelMate models that seemed to be able to control these. Unfortunately it doesn't work on mine.
I experimented with a specially tweaked kernel module to turn on/off the WiFi led, and I decided that I didn't like it. Much too distractive. Fortunately, my belly usually covers the front side leds.
Status: I hacked a kernel module to control the mail led. Useless, but fun!

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