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Johan Vromans

Johan Vromans

I have studied nuclear physics, but decided that computers are more fun. So I graduated on the combination of informatics and physics.

I have been working in commercial companies for quite a long time, doing software engineering research and helping software developers doing their jobs. I know quite a lot about software engineering techniques, programming languages, operating systems and tools.
I run my own company: Squirrel Consultancy.

I use GNU Emacs and Perl for practically everything. I am the author and designer of the Perl Reference Guide that came with first edition of the book Programming Perl. It is free on the Internet.
An updated and extended version of the Reference Guide is also available as a booklet under the name Perl 5 Pocket Reference.

Not surprisingly, I am on the board of the “Stichting Perl Promotie Nederland” (Dutch Perl Promotion Foundation), a not for profit organisation to promote the propagation and use of Perl in the Netherlands. I'm also an active member of the Dutch Perl Mongers organisation and Groningen.pm.

With Christian Neuss I once wrote The Webmaster's Handbook, a book on adding Perl power to your Web server. . It's a bit outdated now, but it was one of the first books on this subject in 1995.

I am interested in lots of things. Due to my profession, I'm interested in computers, software and networks, and I have made several contributions to the Public Domain.

I am also interested in people and relations between people, and I am trained in Voice Dialogue, a dialogue technique that is usually applied in psychotherapy.

Finally, I'm also interested in music, graphic design, genealogy (dutch only), computer typesetting and photography.

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