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Since the end of november 2007 I'm trying to get a fresh install of Fedora 8 working. Shortly after starting Gnome, the X server hangs.

This took me some time (and some help from the #radeon people at irc.freenode.net) to solve.

If I did understand everything correctly, the new accelleration code in the open source Radeon driver requires too much of this video card. I had to enter the line

Option "AGPmode" "1"
in the xorg.conf file to slow it down, and now it works.

This turned out the be the only problem I have encountered so far! Everything else works (except for suspend to RAM, of course). Some notes, though.

Since I need a modified DSDT, I started to use the 'cubbi' kernels and tools that are prepared by Matthias Hensler. He releases the cubbi variant kernels very quickly after each new Fedora kernel. The 'cubbi' kernels have DSDT override built-in, but their main purpose is to support the ‘Tux On Ice’ (formerly known as ‘Suspend2’) hibernate/resume mechanism. What can I say? It all works like a charm.o

There's an updated /etc/hal/fdi/10freedesktop/30-keymap-acer.fdi file available from freedsktop.org. I takes care of many (though not all) of the TravelMate specific keys.

For IrDA, the Fedora default /etc/sysconfig/irda needs a small change: DEVICE=/dev/ttyS2 must be DEVICE=/dev/ttyS1.

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