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Johan Vromans
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I like to listen to music, and to make music myself. I play several guitars (accoustic, electric and bass) and flute. And a bit of keyboards.

I started my 'career' in 1969 with the band Colourful Hallucination's Moving Love Exception Association WN69 Paint Sound. It didn't quite take off. Maybe the name was a little too long after all.

Some 10 years later I joined the Drive Out Provocation Players. Despite the name we didn't have enough amplification power to actually drive out the few people that came to listen.

A couple of years ago I was member of the Herbie White Big Band where I played the guitar. Listen to a MIDI version of "Herbie's Tune", our opening tune. I also used to attend the open Jazz improvisation workshops in the Amsterdam BIM house. I'm not a professional but I have lots of fun doing it.
This picture is to the lasting memory of our musical director and friend Herman de Wit.
Currently I am looking for something jazzy in Borger-Odoorn (Drenthe).

Until recently I did the musical accompaniment for XpLOOsion, the Exloo pop choir. A new management, difference of opinions, and a lot of ego shut it down. Unfortunately, this also meant the end for Sparkle.

I'm a member of HowsaGoin, an Irish and other folk music group. In may 2012 we released our first CD “Meet us on a corner”.
Singer/songwriter Trudie van den Bos and I are duo September. We enjoy making thoughtful music.
I also lead an aphasia choir (choir for people suffering from aphasia) in Norg (near Assen) (The Netherlands, information in dutch only).

For listening, I use and Archos Jukebox Recorder 20 (20Gb hard disk MP3 player/recorder). It is running the open source RockBox firmware, of course. Why? Well, it has some nice features

Although I still use it as a player, recently I switched to a Zoom H2n for recording. It is nice, handsome and versatile.

I have also written some music related computer programs. See here.

Some other programs have ever been completed enough to be released to the public. If you are interested in my Music Compiler (what's in a name...) that translates ASCII notated music into MusicTeX just drop me a note. But I must add that I don't use it anymore... My favourite programs are now Chordii (typesetting sheet music with (guitar) chords), PlayTab, LilyPond (a very powerful and professional music typesetter program), Frescobaldi (a nice GUI front-end for LilyPond) and Rosegarden (a MIDI sequencer/editor and notation program). On stage I use MobileSheetsPro with an AirTurn foot pedal.

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