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Johan Vromans

Johan Vromans

I have studied nuclear physics, but decided that computers are more fun. So I graduated on the combination of informatics and physics.

I have been working in commercial companies for quite a long time, doing software engineering research and helping software developers doing their jobs. I know quite a lot about software engineering techniques, programming languages, operating systems and tools.
For a long time I ran my own company: Squirrel Consultancy. We're retired now.

I am interested in lots of things. Due to my profession, I'm interested in computers, software and networks, and I have made several contributions to the Public Domain.

I am also interested in people and relations between people, and I am trained in Voice Dialogue, a dialogue technique that is usually applied in psychotherapy.

Finally, I'm also interested in music, graphic design, genealogy (dutch only), computer typesetting and photography.

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