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Chordii 4.5 released

June 19, 2013
This version allows reading input from standard input, so you can use Chordii as a filter in toolchains.
Configure option ‘--with-latin2’ was added for ISO 8859.2 character set support.
Added support for A5 paper size.
Option ‘--chord-grids-sorted’ to print the chords in alphabetical order.
Minor bug fixes.

Chordii 4.4 released

September 26, 2012
This version was never officially released. It features long option names and the ‘--vertical-space’ option. Also added was compile-time support for ISO 8859.2 character set.

ITworld: Chordii is one of the 10 best (unknown) open source projects

July 14, 2011
“That's right folks, another ten best! But this time I'll wager you're not familiar with any of them, or at best one or two.”

You'll find Chordii on page 2 of the article.

Linux Magazine: Linux score writing applications

Issue #126, May 2011
“Linux is a wonderful and underrated audio production platform, with great applications for every audio task. MuseScore and LilyPond bring elegance and sophistication to score writing, and Chordii is a wonderfully simple guitar sheet-music maker.”

Read the article

Chordii 4.3 included in Fedora

January 4, 2010
Chordii 4.3 has been approved for inclusion in Fedora, one of the leading Linux distributions. It will be part of Fedora 13 and later, and is already available as an update to Fedora 11 and 12.

Chordii 4.3 released

December 30, 2009
This release is functionally equivalent to 4.2, with all sources rebased from the original 3.6.2 to the new, GPL, 3.6.4 sources.

This means that this version of Chordii is truly GPL and can be included in official software distributions.

Chord 3.6.4: GPL release

December 10, 2009

The last known distribution of the original CHORD program is 3.6.2 and dates from july 1995. It includes a statement that CHORD is licensed following the conditions of the general GNU license, but with some additional restrictions. These restictions formed an obstacle for Chordii to be included in official software distributions.

In december 2009 I finally succeeded to track down the original authors and they agreed to the creation of a new, GPL-only release. This release is called 3.6.4 to avoid confusion with an already existing unofficial 3.6.3 version.

Following the GPL release of Chord, Chordii has been rebased on the 3.6.4 version, making it officially and legally GPL. A true GPL version of Chordii will be released soon.

Chordii 4.2: Now also for Microsoft Windows

June 14, 2008
Version 4.2.0 has been released. No functional changes, but finally we have a port to MS Windows.

Chordii 4.1 released

March 15, 2008
Chordii, yes, Chordii, 4.1.0 has been released. This release was necessary since we were kindly requested to change the name of the program to avoid confusion with the chordie.com web site.

Chordie is alive again!

November 30, 2007
After 12 years of suspended animation, the famous ‘chord’ program, wellknown for its trendsetting ChordPro music format, is now alive again!

Maintanance has been taken over and a new, modernised version has been released.

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