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The Chordii project is hosted on SourceForge.net Logo

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The last known release of the original chord program (version 3.6.2, july 1995) and its GPL successor (version 3.6.4, december 2009) can also be found on the Downloads page.

A non-official 3.6.3 version with only very minor changes was created august 2005 by Andrea D’Amore. Take a look at the change set if you’re interested.

For archeologists, I've recovered version 1.0 (20 may 1992), version 1.0PL1 (28 may 1992), and version 1.2 (3 september 1992) from the ancient alt.sources archives. The kits include the original articles containing the ‘shar’ files. Note, however, that these have been modified by the archiver's SPAM protection filters.

I also recovered version 1.2 (september 1992) from an old backup tape.

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