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Linux on the Toshiba Satellite A200-237

Johan Vromans
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WARNING: Work in Progress!

I'm still working on exploring the possibilities of this notebook.


On Windows, the Touchpad has several functions that can be controlled by tapping at the appropriate places. Apparently, for this the Touchpad needs a special driver.


Power management shows the current charge in percents, but it cannot show the amount of battery time left.

This is also the case under Windows so it may not be related to Linux.


No accellerated graphics with the standard Xorg driver.

Update: The proprietary ATI driver is still not ported to the newest Xorg. Bummer.


When the display blanks, the backlight stays on.

Suspend (to RAM)

Suspends, but does not resume correctly.

This seems to work with the Fedora Live CD.


When an external monitor is connected and activated using xrandr --auto, the LCD bleaches and does not come back anymore. An X-server restart is necessary.

This works correctly with the Live CD, so it's most likely an ACPI issue..

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