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Do you know that feeling, that on a certain moment you want several things at the same time? You want to stay, but also you want to leave? You feel attracted to someone and at the same time you fear 'something' or feel angry?

In ourselves there exist multiple personalities (sub-persons) each having their own voices, thoughts, opinions. They control to a great extent the direction of our lives. Amongst them there are strong personalities, critics but also soft and vulnerable personalities. Some of them you know, others remain hidden or are rejected.

It is possible to meet these sub-persons, learn to know them, accept them and even love them. This can help you to acquire insights in your personal live and aids in making decisions.

The psychologists Hal and Sidra Stone have developped a simple but effective way to get in touch with yourself. They have done this based on Jungian psychology and years of experience in psychotherapy.

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